Advertising Philosophy and Practices

MH&T functions on the basis of results-oriented marketing. Realistic goals are set that are based on a situational analysis. The effectiveness of the marketing effort is judged by achievement of the goals. Advertising to potential customers is built around the research about market needs and how the product can fill them. Rarely does a product or service exist that effectively serves all demands of the marketplace. Research reveals which market niche is best served, and what benefit appeals are likely to result in a sale. All communications feature a product's unique differential advantages, expressed in terms of applied benefits. Whenever possible, communications are coded for tracking purposes and have a response mechanism. The very nature of results-oriented advertising allows for the measurement of effectiveness. Continuing return-on-investment analysis guides messages communicated, and media used. MH&T's staff experience in the marketplace can be traced back over many successful years. This experience, combined with tenacious research and careful planning, minimizes wasted efforts and funds. Creative excellence that is guided by a comprehensive marketing plan makes sure that the right messages reach the right people on a cost-effective basis.

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